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It has been a long-time dream project of two founders of the to build a community that will promote helping hand by means of sharing resources.


of people that are fully knowledge of financial literacy. Having a great respect to financial abundance. Passing on the knowledge for others to follow and having strong band of people working as one.


by means of sharing and helping others to grow a great deal of income shall be given back to you. You help and share you gain something in return.


an infinite source of income awaits to those of believe and high level of perseverance to change their way of life.


funding usable and profitable project that will reshape the community in a better way that each and every individual shall benefit, is the achievement of every member of this community and the organization that you help grow and harden its foundation to last a life time.

Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining can be refer to as the trading platform of as the second stage of the entire projected project for the organization or community.

Why Crypto Trading? objective after being knowledgeable in Crypto Currency which we introduce as part of the community sharing of funds.

Crypto Trading is the latest currency to be accepted in the trading industry. Having this opportunity for us as an average individual would have the ability to trade.


Initial Coin Offering. has a line of projected project that requires some funding form investors.

Who are the ideal investors? As a part of the community you have been given the opportunity to invest in a usable project that a lot of people shall benefits out of it, not to mention as an investor you own shares from that particular project that once started and completed expect a big income equivalent to your investment.

Project ICO projects

• Crypto Exchanger ATM Machines to be distributed with in your reach.
• Carbonizing Machines that will take care all of the garbage problem in the Philippines or other 3rd world country that has similar problem. A Environmentally friendly process being use in Japan and Singapore.
• Renewable energy using salt water. A source of electricity that will last for a lifetime.


Cooperative shall be the personal banking system of the organization. By having a cooperative that would manage all of the members investment, managing the money by building new sources of income. By doing so, profit for each every investment that members put into.


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Community Incentive Resource Funds,
The leader in online CrowdFund

Community Source

Cacao Production & Processing/ Cocoa Products for Livelihood

The majority of the world’s cocoa beans are harvested on small, family-run farms. Low productivity, low farmer incomes and limited development in farming communities has created a cycle that must be broken for cocoa farming to be sustainable. Growing cocoa is no simple task and we are working with cocoa farmers to help improve their farms.


Modern Agriculture of Banana farming and Fresh Produce Farmers

Organizing allows small-scale producers to have consistent weekly volumes, to have technical assistance that is more adoptable and adaptable, to develop new services and forms of employment in the community, to manage natural resources responsibly, and to support organizations and programs that strengthen their capacity


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